A quick review of your app/website UX

Hi, I am Nikita, a product designer/UX expert.

For one hour, I can take a look at your app or website, and report back all the UI/UX problems I could find.

My review will:

The deliverable is a single private Figma file with screenshots of your UI and my comments.

Results are best used as a task list for your dev/design team. Use it as an opportunity to find and deal with the most fundamental and jarring issues, and bring your app to the next level of polish.


This is how my review might look like:

Zoomed in:

Open a full interactive version.

Why me?

I have a track record of developing interfaces and products since 2005.

I created and regularly write for Grumpy Website, a blog about bad UI practices.

Some of my product design articles attracted attention:

Past clients

Following projects have got a successful review in the past:

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