Couple of DataScript resources

There’s couple of new resources available about DataScript.

On December 4th I gave a talk at Clojure eXchange conference about motivation behind DataScript, a little bit about internals, and then about how DataScript can be used for application development. Beyond traditional SPAs, there were couple of examples of new kind of architectures that are trivial to execute given that DataScript exists.

You can watch video of the talk at SkillsMatter website (free, registration required) and check out slides:

Later this month I talked at ClojureScript NYC user group. During the webinar we developed ToDo application from scratch and touched, at least quickly, almost every aspect of DataScript. Here’s the agenda:

The recording:

After the webinar I fixed couple of bugs in ToDo repo (and in DataScript as well), added comments here and there explaining what’s going on and implemented couple of new features:

DataScript-ToDo should be a good resource for learning DataScript and its applications in the wild. Source code is on github, live version here:

Stay tuned!


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