Nikita Prokopov

Distributed systems, Web Apps, UX/UI design,
Clojure, Erlang, Python, Java @ Moscow, RU

version 2.2.2 updated 8/11/17

Professional career

Various contracting jobs

Clojure/ClojureScript stack

December 2014 — now

Sr Software Engineer @ Cognician

I develop interactive SPAs for Cognician coaching platform

ClojureScript, React, Clojure, Datomic

March 2015 — now

Team lead @ MachineZone

Developing SaaS and PaaS for leading iOS game company

Erlang, distributed benchmarking

February 2014 — November 2014

Team lead, product manager @ Echo

I lead development of scalable distributed social network monitoring, crawling & processing service

Clojure, distributed programming, systems design

October 2011 — February 2014, 2½ years

Software Engineer @ Xored

I designed, developed, documented and open-sourced a Web framework for Xored X5 product. Heavily inspired by Django, with web-sockets support, written in Fantom language

Fantom, WebSocket

October 2010 — October 2011, 1 year

Various Java projects

Automation, billing, prototyping for big Russian industrial facilities as Senior Java Developer @ Sibirenergo-Billing, @ MSS-Systems, as Java Developer @ KB Inform

Java, JEE, Struts, Wicket, Spring, Hibernate

August 2005 — October 2010, 5 years



An immutable in-memory database and Datalog query engine in ClojureScript


Minimal, highly customizable React-based frontend framework for ClojureScript

Fira Code

Monospaced font with programming ligatures


OS X menubar status indicator


Master degree @ NSU

Department of Information Technology @ Novosibirsk State University

2001 — 2007